Introducing DREAMERZ

The vision is clear, but the process will be muddy… With that said, DREAMERZ is a platform that will unfold into a single source of information on how to break into the sports industry, regardless of profession.

If you’ve dreamed of covering the biggest story on ESPN, negotiating record breaking contracts for players, or designing the hottest selling kicks in stores – this is where you want to keep your attention.

Often, the difference between talented people who do and don’t accomplish their dreams is their access to information and opportunities. Working in sports is no different…

DREAMERZ’s goal is to empower the next generation of influencers in pursuit of their dream sports job by bridging the information gap between dreamerz and professionals in the industry.

With advice on how to break into sports fragmented across the web, or only granted to a select few, think of us as that friend who’s connected to everyone and able to get you all the info you need.

Through carefully curated and originally created content, we will bring you some of the most insightful, entertaining, and inspirational information to support you in your journey of breaking into sports.