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Our goal is to empower people in pursuit of their dream sports job by bridging the information gap between dreamerz and professionals in the industry.

We create and curate content covering sports career advice, sports industry news and trends, inspirational stories, and anything else SuperCool.  Influenced by a creative culture – DREAMERZ equally holds a high regard to educate, inspire, as well as entertain.



It’s simple… I created DREAMERZ because I wished something like it existed when I was going through the struggle of breaking into sports. I did everything to get experience from pulling unannounced pop ups at the Nike office, to pitching Mark Cuban’s secretary for a job to sweep floors – as he sat and watched.

I’ve since worked with NFL, NBA, D-League, and collegiate teams, but not without some lessons learned along the way.

After all that, I thought it would be cool to share my experience and the advice of others on getting into the industry – in a creative way.

So, here’s to all the dreamerz. Hope you enjoy…

Lorenzo L. Harris

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