5 Reasons Making an NFL Team Is Easier Than Getting a Job on One

Yeah, we get it… Making an NFL team is hard. Hard is actually an understatement, but let’s not act like accomplishing the dream of working for an NFL team isn’t a feat in itself. When you think about the process of getting on with a team as an employee, compared to that of a player, it’s no cakewalk.

1. Football Players know who they’re competing against for their job.

You on the other hand… have no clue. How do you prepare for that?

2. Football Players have agents finding them jobs.

You on the other hand… are stuck calling everybody you know to see if they have a connect.

NFL Job Contacts

3. Football Players have trainers help them prep 3 months for their job interview, aka the combines.

NFL Trainer

You on the other hand… Have Google.


4. Football Players have high turnovers, leaving new job openings every year.

Length of NFL Career

You on the other hand… have to wait until they’re ready to call it quits.

NFL Coach

5. Football Players get hired every year with no prior NFL experience.

Johnny NFL Draft Day

You on the other hand… Yeah, good luck with that…

Regardless of how difficult the journey is, keep pursing the dream. It’s difficult, not impossible!